Dental Therapy Dog

Let’s eliminate anxiety and nervousness at the dentist with dogs! At Monocacy Valley Dental in Frederick, MD, we believe every patient should have access to excellent dental care, in an environment that they are comfortable. However, we also understand that some patients may have anxieties or fears about visiting the dentist, and that’s why we want to make the entire process easier for you! Our office and team work with dogs to create a relaxing, enjoyable atmosphere. A big, cuddly fur-ball will definitely cut the nerves at the dentist. Come visit us at Monocacy Valley Dental today!

Why Will Dogs Help?

Dogs are gentle, friendly creatures. Their positive spirits and presence can calm even the most nervous child or adult. Our Monocacy Valley Dental dogs are trained and certified service animals. They are used to benefit patients in many different ways, from regular cleanings to more specific treatment procedures. Petting a dog while visiting the dentist will cause an increase and release of endorphins, which will have a positive effect on anyone. Dental dog therapy is centered around the belief that as the patient focuses on the animal, the patient’s attention is drawn away from their own anxieties, which then allows the dentist and dental team to administer the appropriate treatment. Patients using dental therapy dogs quickly experience a reduction in stress, increased self-esteem and confidence, improved mood, and better communication skills. Therefore, making the dentist far less scary and nerve-wracking.

Who Can Benefit?

Dental therapy dogs can help patients who are suffering from emotional and behavioral disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, autism, special needs, and dementia. Animals can provide a calming, tranquil effect on patients, allowing them to leave their anxieties, stresses, and struggles while in the presence of the dog. Along with releasing endorphins, dental therapy dogs can increase social behaviors among patients, lift spirits and lessen depression, encourage communication, provide comfort, reduces boredom, and decreases anxiety. This is especially important if a patient is undergoing a more intense dental treatment or procedure. Our dogs in Frederick, MD will truly aide a patient and calm them down prior to the treatment.

Call Monocacy Valley Dental & Come Meet Our Dog!

At Monocacy Valley Dental, it is our dentist’s goal to make every patient comfortable for their dental treatment, and our dogs are a big part of this. Whether you or a family member are experiencing anxiety while going to the dentist or have a more specific condition, we can help! Our friendly, professional team of humans and dogs are here to provide the highest quality dental treatment in a relaxing, comforting atmosphere. If you have questions or concerns, please consult our team. Feel free to call our office in Frederick, MD, or schedule an appointment with us online. Our dogs look forward to meeting you soon!